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A suite of products to help customize your solution.


Asset hierarchy and engineering, chemical, process specification forms.

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Document and drawing registration with smart AutoCAD interface.

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Equipment inspection management system.

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Multiple decision matrixes specialized for risk management, for example Risk Based Inspection and Risk Based Assessment.

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Formulas that can be linked to forms, matrixes and data hierarchies. Used for equipment integrity assessments and roll up summaries or pass down calculations.

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Help package and plan activities, for example inspection planning and turnaround management.

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Tracks quality assurance and compliance so decisions are based on reliable and on-time information.

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Interface to 3rd Party tools, for example SAP, PI, Rosen IPIG, Weatherford IPIG… many more corporate management and inspection tools.

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Small spare part module for interfacing to corporate warehousing systems, ensuring correct and sufficient tools and materials for inspection and maintenance.

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Smart Drawing Interface

Breathe new life into your drawings.

i.AIM® can display multiple key performance indicators on equipment via drawings; plot plans, layout diagrams, process engineering flow schemes, equipment drawings, isometrics, electrical drawings, etc. All information on a component (corrosion loops, damage mechanisms, IOW’s (Integrity Operating Windows), KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), etc.) is graphically available one click away. In such a manner the KPI’s are then context relevant since they are displayed in a drawing and risk connectivity can also be seen, leading to the concept of cumulative risk.

Universal Features

  • Zoom in and out with multiple layers
  • Traffic Light Colors KPI
  • KPI relevant to drawing and user role
  • KPI’s are configurable, so KPIs appear based on management direction
  • Additional KPI’s can be customized
  • Interface to SAP and PI

Universal Features

  • Zoom in and out with multiple layers
  • Traffic Light Colors KPI
  • KPI relevant to drawing and user role
  • KPI’s are configurable, so KPIs appear based on management direction
  • Additional KPI’s can be customized
  • Interface to SAP and PI
pfs pefs feature


Example KPI’s on drawings:

  • Traffic Light Integrity Status
  • Traffic Light PM KPI
  • Traffic Light CM KPI
  • Previous Shutdown Scope Executed
  • Current Shutdown Scope Planned
  • Dynamic Corrosion Loops
  • Visualized Dead Legs
  • Corrosion Rates
  • MTBF Rates
pfs pefs feature
isometric feature


Example KPI’s on drawings:

  • Traffic Light Integrity Status
  • Previous Inspection Scope Executed
  • Current Inspection Scope Planned
  • Corrosion Rates

Plot Plans

Example KPI’s on drawings:

  • Overview Traffic Light Integrity Status
  • Overview Traffic Light Preventative Maintenance KPI
  • Overview Traffic Light Corrective Maintenance KPI

Equipment Details

Drill down data available:

  • Traffic Light Integrity Status
  • Warehouse Stock Levels
  • Ordering Spare Parts

Additional Interfaces

s-curve feature
SAP PM Compliance S-Curve generation
rov feature
ROV Video port, center, starboard combined view

Corrosion Module

Corrosion Management

Corrosion Rate (CR) Assessment
  • Corrosion Loop
  • Equipment
  • Piping
  • Intelligent PIG
  • Probe
  • Coupon
  • Theoretical
  • External
  • Sensitivity
  • Overall
Corrosion Barrier Management
  • Material Selection
  • Corrosion Allowance (optional)
  • Biocide Effectiveness
  • Chemical Inhibition
  • Cathodic Protection
  • – Impressed Current
    – Sacrificial Anode

  • Work Order Interface
  • – Monitor Preventative Maintenance
    – Monitor Corrective Maintenance
    – Raise Work Order Notifications
    – Update PM Schedules
    – Activity Status Updates
    – Keep Engineers Informed

  • Graphically display the status of the barriers on drawings
  • – Dynamic Corrosion Loops
    – Highlight Pipelines
    – Highlight Equipment

Integrity Operating Window Management
Integrity Operating Window Management graph
  • Damage Mechanism
  • – Tied to Corrosion Loops
    – Tied to Pipelines
    – Tied to Equipment
    – Variables Monitoring

  • Interfaces
  • – Lab Information Management
    – PI
    – Work Order Management

  • Graphic Integrity Operating Windows
  • – Dashboards
    – Dynamic Drawings (Highlight Corrosion Loops, Pipelines, and Equipment)

Integrity Operating Window Management graph

Tablet Module

Tablet Applications (iOS/Android)

Field Inspection
field inspection
  • General Visual Inspection
  • UT Inspection
  • Piping Inspection
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Structural Inspection
  • Detailed Underwater Inspection (Tablet is not submersible)
field inspection
Pipeline Field Data Collection
pipeline field data feature
  • Routine Pigging
  • DCVG Data
  • Venting
  • Launcher/Receiver Maintenance
  • Block Valve Maintenance
  • Right of Way Inspection
  • Near Shore Survey
  • Earth Movement Survey
pipeline field data feature
Seamless i.AIM® Interface
  • Two-way Data Synchronization
  • Works at Remote Sites
  • Online and Offline Mode
  • Downloaded Packages
  • – Drawings
    – Documents
    – Photographs
    – Work Packs

  • Reduces Reporting Latency
  • High Data Availability
  • Reduces Paperwork
  • Onsite Data Validation
  • Improves Data Accuracy
  • Photos and Video Capturing
  • Data Location Tagging

Tablet Benefits

Application for IOS and Android to perform field inspection allows the data synchronized back to the server to be fast and high quality. Work packs specific to the scope of work are created in the main system which include the forms, past issues, photos and relevant drawings. The application allows for offline mode which is useful when the work is being carried out in remote locations with no internet connection and is particularly useful when turnaround inspection requires fast and accurate reporting to help build the final turnaround scope. Benefits of tablet utilization include time savings, cost efficiency, seamless i.AIM interface, better data quality and portability/accessibility from anywhere.


Services and support are available for the implementation and support of i.AIM® as well as the improvement of the Asset Integrity Management process for your company – ensuring maximum return on AIMS investment.

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